Our aerial camera operators are not just remote control helicopter enthusiasts, they are cinematographers.

We have the talent to capture stunning, sophisticated aerial imagery that makes our pictures stand apart from the competition.

This difference means they know how to tell a story with their pictures, they frame shots like pros, can follow a brief and conduct themselves as professionals.


Our aerial photography and aerial video services are Sydney based but that doesn't mean we are not willing to travel.  We will work anywhere and if you need an operator in your region that is not an issue we have partners statewide and are willing to travel overseas.

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Mapping & surveying

Yes, we offer drones for surveying, inspections and aerial mapping. This technology is relatively new to the market and we would be happy to demo our services for you in this area.Essentially what you will be getting is an up to date, extremely high-resolution google map of the area you wish to survey. These maps come across as topographical and are 3D, so you can see heights and objects such as trees, mounds, houses and cars represented as 3D objects on your high-resolution map.

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Every job is different and we try and make these services available as widely as we can so I encourage you to give us a call regarding price. For small budgets, our call outs start at two hours. The reason why we have two-hour call outs is because typically you can capture everything you need at a single location within two hours from a drone. We also have full and half day rates but most jobs need to be assessed based on location and scope of works.

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Ground cameras

Yes, we offer packages that include complete coverage from ground to aerial footage. We are experienced in shooting interview and audio capture, motion graphics and editing as well.  If you want a production that includes drone shots then you have come to the right place.

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Drone approval

Aerial photography and aerial video in Sydney differs from other areas in Australia.  Our client expectations are higher and Sydney has a high concentration of regulated zones. It is not uncommon for my team to have to get approvals from local councils, CASA, unmanned airfields, Sydney Foreshores and The RTA to get approvals in place. Being dedicated professionals, we do our homework and get all necessary approvals in place before your shoot day.

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It’s not all about great video and photography! We want to be respected as the safest operator in the industry. We start this process by doing our homework before every job ensuring the locations are safe and we understand what needs to be captured.We only use CASA certified remote pilots and are partnered with CASA certified UOC. Aerial filming in Sydney is heavily regulated by CASA so every job is risk assessed and there is protocol surrounding each project. We also hold 20 million in public liability insurances which are up to government and enterprise standards.

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If you are looking for video production in Sydney, NSW or anywhere else in Australia, we’d love to hear from you.

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