Editing with Shoreline media is for people who need an editor in Sydney that is reliable and will get the job done. We do this by allowing our clients to sit in and let them direct the edit if they wish. This is helpful for clients that need changes done quickly and want to get straight to the point. Sitting in is not a pre requisite and the way it usually goes is the client will give notes to the editor in bullet point form of what they want to achieve and the editor will send them their edited project online for them to preview and make notes on. Most of Shorelines clients pay a visit at the very end of stage to just preview in house and lock off minor changes and adjustments.

Who are Shoreline Media’s clients? Usually it is someone we have worked with before as we get a lot of return clientele but the profile is usually people that want a high professional standard but don’t want the agency price tag. We don’t have catering and we are not going put in unnecessary expenses to your bill. We will however give you all of the post production finish, and bells and whistles that you would like to see whilst protecting and nurturing your story.