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At Shoreline Media, Get Complete Live Streaming Service in Sydney

Live Streaming is a powerful, engaging and amazing online tool that everyone should be taking advantage of, but it can be technically complicated.

Let’s face it, live is live, so there are no second chances if something goes wrong.  If you are hosting a webcast that can’t go wrong or want to learn about how you can utilise this technology in your own company then please give us a call.

From YouTube to Facebook to your own dedicated embedded player on a website, we can help you harness a solution that is right for your business. We can pull off a live event to a public audience or one of your choosing.


Why fly groups of people all over the country or world if you can host your own Q&A live with the people that matter? A robust live streaming solution can save on unnecessary overheads and give everyone a front seat on their own computer, phone or tablet.

Be personalised when addressing your remote staff.

We can set you up with turnkey, reliable, in-house portholes to schedule and execute live web streams to your staff.

Bring the WOW factor your live events.

We have live broadcast options that can dazzle your remote audience with multiple camera angles, customised graphics and Q&A solutions from your remote audience.  The sky is the limit when it comes to live production.  We would love to come on board and help you bring that wow factor.


The easy answer is you hire us to do it for you, you grab a beverage and sit back whilst we take care of the hard work.

A very basic explanation is there are a variety of different options for getting your video signal into either a device or a computer which take the video signal, encodes it and sends it to a receiving server which decodes the video signal and chooses the right video signal for your viewer to watch your content on.

There are many different variables to consider when doing this. To name just a few, there is upload speed for your video, internal IT infrastructure and video compression settings to make sure it is optimised for your viewer.


We have a few different platforms, which we stream to. Some like Youtube and Facebook are free, some are payable on an as needed basis, others you can own and are licensed. Whatever your needs, we will help you find your best solution.

Can you brand the webcast?

We can create a personalised page for your web stream that matches your company branding.

Can you do Q&A in webcasts?

We can offer this in a few different ways. One is a chat window that sits next to the web stream, others are streaming to Facebook and using a live Facebook feed, email, or an open google doc for remote viewers to send their questions across. We have a fold back monitor for the presenters to be able to take questions to address them after a moderator has screened and selected them.

Can you have secure logins?

Yes, we can arrange unique username and password logins for viewers. 

Can you sell tickets for your webcast?

Yes, you can. We have a payment gateway which issues usernames and passwords

Do you offer picture in picture of a presenter and synced powerpoint slides for presentations?

Yes, we have the capabilities to shoot a presenter and have their power point slides changing in sync with what is happening live in the room. We present them both in a picture window style so that you can easily see and hear the presenter as well as the slide presentation.

How long until the video is ready for on-demand viewing?

We typically present you with a recorded copy after the event is over to take with you. The on-demand version of the live webcast is ready within 24 hours for viewers to re-watch.

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