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Do you ever look at some corporate interviews and say ‘wow’, the interviewee appears well presented, the video itself looks highly professional and the content is thoroughly engaging?  If the answer is no, then I am not surprised. This is because most people shooting interviews are self-taught and have no experience in lighting, composition or simply making the interviewee look good, let alone sound good.  Shoreline Media’s team is trained in drawing out the best from an interview, including the all-important content.  We prefer to do a pre-interview to make sure we are getting the best from our interviewee.  We make sure that they are comfortable.  We know what we are striving for when it comes to their answers. We also make sure that they look good, with relevant backdrops, complementary lighting, and makeup if required to keep them from appearing shiny and professionally recorded audio. In short, we avoid taking shortcuts.


It’s that time again. The time of year when you have to organise another large live event. We know it can be tricky dealing with the AV Company, the venue, and the video production company to capture or stream your AGM, Quarterly, Corporate or Keynote event.  Shoreline Media has shot, edited and live streamed all types of live events and we can help you make it a bit easier by offering turnkey solutions and packages in this area.We create tailored packages for our clients to cover any live event.  Providing additional assets for the event at hand, we can collect vox pops, testimonials and keynote interviews to help you really smash it with the content possibilities in the frantic chase for content creation during these events. We also do highlight reels of the events themselves that you can play at an event or send out as a wrap video post event.


Shoreline Media creates high-quality corporate video productions Sydney wide, tailored to private businesses, government departments and agencies.  Corporate videos are not only essential for engaging with new and existing customers, but for branding development, testimonials, training of staff and product demonstration.  Corporate videos are an invaluable tool for building your business through online platforms such as social media, websites, newsletters and video links.We have found that filmed interviews, presentations and testimonials create powerful content for our client’s videos.  Creating a high-quality production suitable for the corporate audience is not just about the cameras we use.  We pay special attention to lighting, audio equipment, and location.  We even help you choose locations if required so that the concept and branding are on track.Corporate video in Sydney has changed. It’s no longer about just listing your services. Corporate videos have a reputation of being boring. This is because most video producers at a corporate level don’t put the time in pre-production to try and realise your messaging and present it in a way that is designed to hold a viewer’s attention.  Here at Shoreline Media we don’t press record and “fix it in post”, we get our messaging right, nail shots and make it gold in post-production.We believe in utilising your story to create a genuine and engaging video.  We take the time to learn your company’s brand, product, history, achievements, and goals.  We have found that this strategy consistently creates the most powerful content. This together with years of production experience and a touch of our own creativity, produces the very best corporate videos in Sydney and beyond.

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